Be proud of your own achievements, not others’

Over the past few days, I have read on french news sites that a french entrepreneur called Bertin Nahum has been named as 4th most innovative entrepreneur in the World by Discovery Series. (he’s french by nationality)

I have seen my beninese friends telling the same but that he’s beninese (his parents are born in Benin, he may have never visited this country). Someone even edited his Wikipedia article just to add “originaire du Bénin” (it means “beninese native” which he’s not. See below. LOL).

And I guess if I had senegalese friends they will be calling him senegalese entrepreneur (he’s born in Senegal).

So, to french people, I would like to say it’s time you start recognising african born people are contributing a big chunk to your economy. 😉

To my beninese friends, I would like to ask: what are you really proud of? that you are born in the same country as the parents of someone you don’t even know? or what? please enlighten me… what are YOU doing to change the World? that’s what you should be proud of.

Be proud of your own achievements, not others’.

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