I am not lucky!

Often people will tell me I am lucky. They will say it as if a godly being had given me a secret power at my birth that gives me an unfair advantage over them.

I am no more lucky than the average person. The highest amount I won at a lottery ticket was five dollars.

I work very hard to reach my goals.

I try to learn everything related to my subjects of interest.

I don’t think twice, I embrace every opportunity.

I love risk.

I am very stubborn. If I fail, I will try again and again until I succeed. And I fail very often, and I succeed sometimes, but I keep trying.

I am always seeking to do the impossible. I sometimes do and it amazes people.

I dream, in every possible way. I dream at night and I daydream. I build my stories in my head and try to realize them in real life.

I take plenty of risks with my future.

Call it hard work, or perseverance, passion, or any other similar word, but PLEASE STOP CALLING IT LUCK!

By doing so, you are insulting me and all the people on earth who are working hard to make their dreams come true.

What do you think would happen if I rested on my laurels and stopped doing all the above? I would fail hard and you would laugh of me.

So, stop calling it luck and do the same instead.

I am not lucky anymore than you and will never be. OKAY?

4 thoughts on “I am not lucky!

  1. Is this a purge?
    Invite them to share one day in yr life…no seriously I don’t think people imagine u don’t work, or have a gift. I suppose the reason why they say you are lucky is you have the ability to:
    “dream, in every possible way, dream at night and I daydream, build my stories in my head and try to realize them in real life, I take plenty of risks with my future.”
    Not everybody can have the courage or audacity to do this.

    1. I had hear plenty of people who fear risk talk about these mythic creatures, but I am yet to encounter one.

      If one failed, one would have regrets. If one has regrets, then one didn’t take enough risks.
      If one don’t have regrets, then one didn’t fail.

      Life is not fair, working hard, taking risks, etc. are not enough. I guess, one has to make the good choices to be successful.
      But I am yet to see someone who stayed true to themselves and still failed.

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