When up to 90% of medical research is flawed…

90% of medical research is reportedly flawed.

90%? Yes.

For a field where experiments are conducted very rigorously, that’s a huge number!

But I am not writing to discuss about that number.

I just want to point that, if 90% of medical research is flawed, what does it mean for all the other knowledge the human race acquired over the ages? These things we consider true but which were not “proved” by rigorous testing and experiments.

It means that human knowledge is mostly wrong. It means your ideas, opinions, education,… everything… well, almost everything you think is true, is plain wrong!

It means, the next time you open your mouth, there’s 90% chances (or more) you are going to say a lie… So, better think about that when you deal with others who don’t have the same opinion as you about some subject. Just accept the differences, you may be the one in the wrong.

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