There is no better solution than the one you have

There is no better solution to your problem than the one you have at hand. I don’t mean it is not possible to improve upon. Sure you will find a better solution in the future. In fact, you should always be seeking for a better one.

But don’t wait for the perfect solution to solve your problem. Your current solution can solve it! It may not be the ideal one, but it does work. Act now, act fast and apply your solution to the problem. You will be better of than waiting indefinitely.

Nothing is perfect. Your solution isn’t. And if you either find a better one, it won’t be perfect either (in some cases, it may… but those cases are very rare).

What do you think is better? Waiting for the perfect solution while your problem is getting worse? while your competitors are taking a head-start? while the World is evolving and you are being left being? Or just taking your solution and solving the problem.

Yes, I would be great if you solved the problem with the best solution. But you can do that later. You can improve later. For now, just go on and fix it.

On the other hand, don’t rest on your laurels. Lack of later improvement always lead to failure.

Don’t you agree? Or do you think in some cases it is better to wait?

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